BEEP ArKIDecture – Built Environment Education Program

We rarely sign Dot up for her kindergarten enrichment programmes as the timing of the programs are usually held during Dot’s afternoon nap. BEEP ArKIDecture program caught my eyes when I saw the slip of paper in Dot’s file early this year. I googled and found BEEP handbook.  I briefly read through the handbook and it got me… Continue reading BEEP ArKIDecture – Built Environment Education Program

Nurturing a sense of wonder in preschool child

How can we nurture a sense of wonder in our preschool child? As parents, it’s important to understand why the sense of wonder is so critical and important in a child’s life; and to revive the delight in the mysteries and beauty of nature. “If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of… Continue reading Nurturing a sense of wonder in preschool child

Think out of the box

A humble cardboard that is used primarily to keep goods and produce has the potential to be anything you can think of. We have created several crafts and activities using cardboard. These are our latest additions, mostly initiated by my daughter, who will be turning four in three months time. Cardboard car 1 Nov 2013… Continue reading Think out of the box

[Video] How a boy became an artist

When Jarrett J. Krosoczka was a kid, he didn’t play sports, but he loved art. He paints the funny and touching story of a little boy who pursued a simple passion: to draw and write stories. With the help of a supporting cast of family and teachers, our protagonist grew up to become the successful… Continue reading [Video] How a boy became an artist

Bees, honey and the hive

Dot has been coughing for a few days and I am searching for some natural remedies to help prevent cough. As I search online, I am thrilled to know that honey can help with cough and has many other health benefits. Honey might be good to boost Dot’s immunity since she just started her pre-nursery.… Continue reading Bees, honey and the hive

{Love Gifts} Creative Christmas Card Crafting with Kids

“Mummy, I want to use this for art and craft.” I’m glad that of late Dot has been telling me that she wants to use certain materials for art and crafts. That’s the fruit of labour from our countless hours spent exploring the many possibilities of creating crafts using simple day-to-day stuff. We have tried… Continue reading {Love Gifts} Creative Christmas Card Crafting with Kids

The remake of Bali Agung using cardboard and paper

“Papa, I want to watch Agung show.” Dot misses the Bali Agung theatrical performance we watched at the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Papa J started to draw on the cardboard, cut out the pieces and attached them to the straws. I was clueless what he was up to and when I realized what is… Continue reading The remake of Bali Agung using cardboard and paper

The Cardboard Challenge at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Inspired by Caine’s arcade, Sarah from The Playful Parents organized The Cardboard Dreams on 5 October 2012, which was also Children’s Day, at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Preparing for The Cardboard Dreams As it was our first time creating a game out of cardboard, we had no idea how to start. With the cardboard challenge event… Continue reading The Cardboard Challenge at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Dot, my little scientist, is curious about everything that captures her attention. Her inquisitive eyes sweep across quickly and spot things that we do not see – so sharp is her sight. She lays her hands to touch and feel things that stir her curiosity. She hits something with another object to hear what sound it produces. She smells some of the leaves like mint, pandan leaves and basil.

Dot is out and about every weekday morning. We travel by bus to my parents’ place. Then we walk about 15 to 30 minutes to her place – this is the time where my little keen scientist is at work.

When she is on her feet, she runs off to examine anything that captures her interest. She is allowed to roam freely within certain range with minimum intervention, unless safety is compromised.

Along the way, she will pick up some berries, flowers, dried leaves and branches that fall by the wayside. With the berries in her hands, she will say, “Feed the birds” and she will go lookout for the birds. Sometimes she will pick the branches and hit the metal structure to produce sound and happily says, “Drum.”

Top: moth cocoons, bottom left: a live beetle on the ground, bottom right: a dead dragonfly

Children see the world on a different level from us. Get down to your children’s level and take a look at what they see. A fresh and different perspective.

She loves to share her exciting discovery with me and I will take the opportunity to share with her more about what she has discovered. I will also point out familiar and unfamiliar things around. “Look at the tree, flowers, leaves!”, “Dot, can you see the cocoons?” or “Wow! Look at what we find here. A beetle.”

Recently we spotted a few insects along the way. These were our unexpected finds. (see images on the right)

As I learn to slow down my pace to adjust to Dot’s, I rediscover the sense of wonder through her eyes. Here I am, learning to learn again.