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Bits of Dot
The day she planned her dad's birthday celebration

The day she planned her dad’s birthday celebration

Dot takes birthday celebration very seriously. To her, a birthday boy or girl must have a birthday cake and a present. She planned and prepared her dad’s birthday celebration almost single-handedly that day. On the day of her dad’s birthday, she decorated and prepared a present for her dad – a box filled with things that...
Dot's first ice-skating experience at The Rink

Dot’s first ice-skating experience at The Rink

We went to JCube a few weeks ago and Dot wanted to try ice-skating. As it was getting late, her dad refused her request but he remembered Dot’s desire to skate on ice. As it was coming to the end of last semester in her kindergarten, we would be meeting with Dot’s teachers to hear...
My girl likes to dance in her Pumpkin Patch dress

My girl likes to dance in her Pumpkin Patch dress

When Dot was younger, many people mistaken her as a boy. Now that she is about three and a half years old, my active little girl has grown and shown more of her feminine side. “My favourite colour is pink.” Pink is her hot favourite – pink dress, pink shoes, pink bag. “Mommy, help me...
Dot's favourite spot

Dot’s favourite spot

This is Dot’s favourite spot, a place where the bicycles are parked and locked. It all started when she saw little children playing and climbing over there. The power of mimicking. Every time we pass by this spot, she will linger around for a while. As she grows and gains more confidence, she climbs up...
It's more blessed to give

It’s more blessed to give

It was Christmas eve. Our family of three went out for lunch. I asked Dot,”What do you want to eat?” She replied,”Din Tai Fung. Eat noodle.” I replied,”Let’s go Malaysia Boleh. Ok?” Off we went to have Malaysian local food for our lunch. I was actually craving for the sinful Penang laksa! Dot was playing...
Songs that spring from a child's heart

Songs that spring from a child’s heart

When Dot is joyful, she sings with all her heart. It is not uncommon to hear Dot sings while she goes about playing with her toys. She will create her own lyrics and melodies. Such moments are difficult to capture on record and I think it’s best left undisturbed so that she can express herself...
Little conversations

Little conversations

I’m thankful that I have the privilege of seeing Dot grows day by day since birth. Now at 2-year 7 month old, she can manage simple conversations with me and people around her. And many times I am amazed at her growth and “maturity”, yet amused by the way she thinks and what she deems...
Dot practices what she learns

Dot practices what she learns

Most of the time Dot picks the books she wants us to read for her. Recently she picked a chinese book and I read her this passage. She surprised me by what she did. After I read this to her, she quickly went to pick my pair of shoes and tried to put them on...
Life's simple pleasure - free play

Life’s simple pleasure – free play

Free play helps a child to develop creativity, self-expression and simply enjoys and have FUN! Free play is also important for children to reach important social, emotional, and intellectual milestones. Dot loves to play. That’s what children love to do all the time. Every waking moment is play for Dot. She is as busy as...
Dot's Doodle Gallery

Dot’s Doodle Gallery

Welcome to Dot’s Doodle Gallery Dot enjoys drawing and painting with her hands, feet and brushes. Messy but very fun! These are some of Dot’s works that I love. This gallery helps me to remember her “creative” art work at different stages of her life. More of Dot’s crafty Time at #DotCraftyTime.
Dot learns to pretend play

Dot learns to pretend play

At around 17 month old, Dot starts to pretend play. She will coax her plush cow toy or other soft toys to sleep by patting on it, read stories, feed and offer drink to them.  Recently she even gave her small piece of bread to the Ben & Jerry cow! Some imaginative games we do...
Dot learns to feed herself

Dot learns to feed herself

Dot just passed 17 month. How time flies! She has been picking up words fast and now she is able to voice her likes and dislikes  just simply with “Yes” or “No”. She can even let us know that she would like to have cheese with her bread. She definitely loves her new found independence!...
Dot's milestone first year and beyond

Dot’s milestone first year and beyond

15 days : Finally I managed to catch her smile on the camera. 27 days : Haiz…! Dorothy pulled her own hair and cried…;p 1 month, 8 days : Dot starts baby-talking. 2 month, 7 days : We introduce sparkling board books to her.  Her eyes sweep across the pages when we read the stories...