The day she planned her dad’s birthday celebration

Dot takes birthday celebration very seriously. To her, a birthday boy or girl must have a birthday cake and a present. She planned and prepared her dad’s birthday celebration almost single-handedly that day. On the day of her dad’s birthday, she decorated and prepared a present for her dad – a box filled with things that… Continue reading The day she planned her dad’s birthday celebration

Dot’s first ice-skating experience at The Rink

We went to JCube a few weeks ago and Dot wanted to try ice-skating. As it was getting late, her dad refused her request but he remembered Dot’s desire to skate on ice. As it was coming to the end of last semester in her kindergarten, we would be meeting with Dot’s teachers to hear… Continue reading Dot’s first ice-skating experience at The Rink

My girl likes to dance in her Pumpkin Patch dress

When Dot was younger, many people mistaken her as a boy. Now that she is about three and a half years old, my active little girl has grown and shown more of her feminine side. “My favourite colour is pink.” Pink is her hot favourite – pink dress, pink shoes, pink bag. “Mommy, help me… Continue reading My girl likes to dance in her Pumpkin Patch dress

Songs that spring from a child’s heart

When Dot is joyful, she sings with all her heart. It is not uncommon to hear Dot sings while she goes about playing with her toys. She will create her own lyrics and melodies. Such moments are difficult to capture on record and I think it’s best left undisturbed so that she can express herself… Continue reading Songs that spring from a child’s heart

Dot’s Doodle Gallery

8 Aug 2012 - Dot drew her balloons for the very first time!

Welcome to Dot’s Doodle Gallery Dot enjoys drawing and painting with her hands, feet and brushes. Messy but very fun! These are some of Dot’s works that I love. This gallery helps me to remember her “creative” art work at different stages of her life. More of Dot’s crafty Time at #DotCraftyTime.

18 month old - Dot fed the cow bread!

At around 17 month old, Dot starts to pretend play. She will coax her plush cow toy or other soft toys to sleep by patting on it, read stories, feed and offer drink to them.  Recently she even gave her small piece of bread to the Ben & Jerry cow!

Some imaginative games we do together:

  • Stop and listen for noises – birds chirping, airplane flying, dog barking..etc.
  • Pretend that we are some animals roaring, barking etc.
  • Dot builds her own obstacle course in the room using pillows, bolsters and jumping around.
  • We pitch a tent in one of our room and pretend that we are camping.


Pretend play is an imaginative activity that builds her social, emotional skills, language skills, thinking skills and nurturing her imagination. It is the foundation for all future higher learning and success.

The importance of pretend play. Read more here.

Dot just passed 17 month. How time flies!

She has been picking up words fast and now she is able to voice her likes and dislikes  just simply with “Yes” or “No”. She can even let us know that she would like to have cheese with her bread. She definitely loves her new found independence! It is easier for us to know what she is thinking and feeling.

Recently she does not want us to feed her but rather she wants to take her cup, spoon and fork to feed herself.

We have to be there to help her pick up her food with her spoon or fork, clean the mess on the table and floor and wipe the water that spills from her cup. A lot more work for us to do!

My little girl is learning to feed herself – a delight to see her grow each day!


15 days : Finally I managed to catch her smile on the camera.

27 days : Haiz…! Dorothy pulled her own hair and cried…;p

1 month, 8 days : Dot starts baby-talking.

2 month, 7 days : We introduce sparkling board books to her.  Her eyes sweep across the pages when we read the stories to her.

2 month, 22 days : So happy that for the first time Dot slept through the night for 8 hrs.

3 month, 11 days : Yeah! Dot can lift up her head when she is on her fours.

3 month, 22 days : Dot can reach out and hold things now and she is examining her new teething toy!

3 month, 22 days : Dot is losing hair.

4 month, 2 days : Dot did her first flip from back to tummy.

4 month, 26 days : Grandma said, “I need to go and cook. No time to play with you.” Dot replied, “O.K!”.

5 month, 9 days : Dot can now clasp both her hands together and do ‘gongxi gongxi’.

5 month, 12 days : Dot can touch her feet with her hands.

5 month, 15 days : When mom walked into the room, Dot excitedly shouted, “Yeah!”.

5 month, 27 days : Yeah! Dot can sit in a tripod position.

6 month, 5 days : Dot can now flip back and forth. Need to watch over her most of the time.

6 month, 14 days : Noticed Dot can turn both sides now.

6 month, 16 days : Dot cried,”mum mum mum mum….!”

6 month, 17 days : When Dot was in the cab carried by her daddy, she said, “papa”.

7 month, 3 days : Dot sat up on her own.

7 month, 7 days : Dot mimicks daddy and laughs heartily.

7 month, 15 days : Dot is crawling.

7 month, 20 days : Dot’s little tooth broke through her gum. No wonder she has been crying a lot lately.

8 month, 26 days : Dot is learning to stand now.

8 month, 27 days : “Mama” was the first word that rolled out of Dot’s mouth when mommy walked into the room.

8 month, 27 days : Dot claps her hands when we play P+W songs.

9 month : Dot learns to clap when mommy says,”Clap your hands, baby, clap your hands”.

9 month, 19 days : Dot can stand up on her own hands-free for a few seconds.

10 month, 25 days : Dot said,”Le-bbit, bit, bit!” when she saw rabbit at grandma’s house.

11 month, 7 days : Dot blew kisses at Midco and her mom, without any prompting from me, when we were about to leave their place.

11 month, 14 days : Dot is learning how to get off a bed.

11 month, 23 days : Dot took her first baby steps towards grandma today!! Everyone was so excited!

Dot is ONE.

1 year, 15 days : A relative injured her arm. Dot’s eyes turn watery and red when mommy said, “Pain Pain”. We were  amazed and wonder what was going through her mind when mommy spoke those words.

1 year, 1 one, 27 days : Mommy asked Dot,”Are you happy?” Dot replied,”Happy!”

1 year, 2 month : Dot is practising gymnastics (planking) on a stool.

1 year, 2 month : Dot is like super-glue. She does not let me out of her sight!!

1 year, 2 month : Dot climbs stairs today.

1 year, 2 month, 2 days : The cat meows. Dot meows.

1 year, 2 month, 5 days : Oh my goodness! Dot is calling me “Dee” instead of mommy!

1 year, 2 month, 15 days : Dot’s first artwork using markers.

1 year, 4 month, 24 days : Her aunt asked her, “What’s your name?” She replied, “Dorothy!

1 year, 4 month, 28 days : At Changi Point, Dot pointed at the aeroplane in the sky and said, “Aeroplane!”

1 year, 8 month : “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” is the first song Dot could finish singing.

1 year, 9 month : Dot is fully on formula milk.

1 year, 9 month : Dot can jump with both legs in the air.

1 year, 10 month : Dot knows mommy, daddy, Ah Gu, Ah Yee, Po Po and Gong Gong’s Chinese names.

1 year, 10 month : Dot did her first water colored painting.

Dot is TWO.

2 year, 1 month : Dot rode her first bicycle on her own (with two little wheels at the rear). We are all so excited.

2 year, 7 month : Finally Dot can pedal full circle on her bicycle.

2 year, 7 month : Dot is diaper-free in her waking hours.

2 year, 11 month : Dot’s first day in pre-nursery class (2 Jan 2013).

Dot is THREE.

3 year, 2 month : Dot went for her first trial ballet class and was accepted to join the class officially.