Building core strength for toddler

My baby is now a toddler. He is now more expressive and he loves to be out and about.

He starts to learn to climb the stairs just outside my parents’ place when he starts to stand up on his own.

He started off taking careful and slow steps. After more than a month of almost daily practice, he could climb up and down the stairs with confidence and ease.


As he climbs the stairs, he will notice little things on the floor. He will practise his pincer grip (fine motor skill) to pick up the little items. I will always ask him to give it to me whatever that is between his fingers, to prevent him from putting it into his mouth.

It’s important to build the core muscles (muscles in the abdomen, back and pelvis) as it affects a child’s overall strength, ability to coordinate movement, balance, maintaining good posture, and even jumping. We are helping our children to build a strong foundation when we helps them to build their core strength.

Though it may seems repetitive and boring to an adult, to a toddler it’s real play time. He enjoys his stair climbing. He will dash for the stairs when I put him on the floor. When he is tired or has enough, he will climb down the stairs and head for the door on his own.

He may be only one year old, but he has a mind of his own. I try to follow his lead and guide him along the way.

Getting dirty is not a big issue for me, as he can always have a shower after his outdoor play.


I also bring him to the playground to give him alternative play area every morning at my place. It’s good to be out and about in the morning to breathe some fresh air – for my boy and for myself.

After our breakfast every morning, we will head for the playground downstairs. Usually we are the only ones using the playground during weekdays. It’s such a blessing to have the whole playground to ourselves. He could move around freely with little distraction.

The 20 to 30 minutes of morning play time helps my little boy to nap easily and longer. A good nap is about 2 hours – a good amount of time for me to prepare lunch and do some of my work.


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  1. Love it when you mention, getting dirty is not a big issue. It’s true if we are often too concern about cleanliness, we miss out on great opportunities!

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