BEEP ArKIDecture – Built Environment Education Program

We rarely sign Dot up for her kindergarten enrichment programmes as the timing of the programs are usually held during Dot’s afternoon nap.

BEEP ArKIDecture program caught my eyes when I saw the slip of paper in Dot’s file early this year.

I googled and found BEEP handbook.  I briefly read through the handbook and it got me excited and I decided to sign up this 7-workshop program for Dot. A natural designer and builder, I know that Dot will enjoy her workshops.

BEEP ArKIDecture is like a mini architecture program designed for children. It uses multi-disciplinary, cross-curricular approach to help young minds to learn subjects such as math, science, art and literature in FUN, real and practical ways. It nurtures their creativity and helps them to observe, plan, design and build. These are practical life skills that are important to do well in life.

She went for her first workshop and she came back excited and kept asking me when was her next Arkidecture session. This is her first time getting REAL excited about a program, and it got me curious and excited too.

I asked to sit in the second workshop to observe what the children are learning. Though the class was small, the children are engaged and enjoyed themselves.


In this second workshop, teacher Albert blew a balloon and released it into the air. The children were asked to observe how the inflated balloon became deflated, and then drew what they observed.

They also played, observed and drew various objects like bubbles and toy turtles.

The children had many hands-on experience in the workshop.


My presence in the workshop was a distraction to Dot and she couldn’t focus properly. After the workshop, she told me not to sit in again.

I’m thankful that teacher Albert, a trained architect, uploaded what Dot and the children learnt in his workshops on BEEP ArKIDecture Facebook.

One of Dot’s favourite workshops was drawing her own treasure map.

She got to explore the spaces in her kindergarten, identity the spaces, draw bubble diagram and finally drew her own treasure map where she hid her treasure. She then exchanged her map with her classmate and they went out to find her classmate’s hidden treasure.

What a fun learning experience!


Navigating the spaces of the class rooms.
The children are navigating the spaces of the class rooms.




Her term 1 ArKIDecture classes were over and she just started her term 2 Arkidecture class.

For more information, you can visit the Facebook page of BEEP ArKIDecture.


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