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This photo when she was 2-year old @ the stadium!

Since the day my girl turned about 5 month old, we have been bringing her to the sports complex so that hubby and I can have our weekly jog at the stadium. From sitting and watching us from a pram, to walking, to climbing stairs, and to even mimicking how we did warm-up exercises, we saw how our girl grows in her motor skills and enjoys being physically active.

The JWT Kids Gym at Sample Store caught my eyes. I believe the gym time there will interest my girl. I just signed up as member for free, and I can redeem it for free!

I’m expecting more interesting and exciting products and services to be added to this category.


It’s so easy to sign up as members at Sample Store where we get to enjoy the FREE membership and the FREE samples. Founded in 2008, Sample Store is the first and top online try-vertising platform in Singapore and now has more than 130,000 members. As members, we can choose from more than 100 different products and services ranging from beauty, household, food and beverages. Try before we buy helps us to make a better and well-informed decision before we commit to buying a full-size product or package. Sometimes, we could even redeem full retail-size products for sampling.

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Unlike the monthly subscription beauty boxes where consumers receive pre-packed boxes with different items within, regardless of whether we want to try the samples or not. The concept of Sample Store is totally different! You get to redeem your desired products and services without chucking aside any products that you’re not interested in.

After trying the sample, we can review and rate the products at Sample Store, to help others to learn more about the product before purchasing the retail-size product. For every review or rating, we even earn points, which we can use to redeem more sample products.


This is my package from Sample Store. The samples include a travel-size Darlie toothpaste and Sebamed baby bubble bath. 

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Celebrating D’Easter Wonderland with Sample Store

With Easter around the corner, Sample Store has lined up exciting fun-filled family activities at Downtown East D’Marquee on 5 April 2015 (Sunday) from 10am to 6pm.

Sample Store members will have more perks during the event. To enjoy these perks, simply sign up for as member and RSVP to D’Easter Wonderland event.

Check ‘em out here:





RSVP is closing tomorrow (27th March) at 4PM. RSVP for the event now! You wouldn’t want to miss out all the fun-filled activities!

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