When Dot was little, she enjoyed watching her grandmother prepared dishes in the kitchen. At about two years old, she had the experience of kneading the sticky pizza dough with her little fingers.

Now she sees me in the kitchen every morning preparing breakfast, if she wakes up early. Otherwise, she will only see me in the kitchen preparing meals or bake during the weekends.We usually have fresh juices and oatmeals in the morning, while dinner will be a little more elaborate that requires more preparation like washing, cutting and cooking.

Her curiosity sometimes leads her to stand on her stool to watch me wash and cut the vegetables. To make her useful in the kitchen, I would ask my little assistant to get some stuff for me.


Sometimes I allow her to cut the vegetables by using the not-so-sharp butter knife or help me pour the ingredients for my bake step-by-step. To her, it’s definitely more fun doing the real stuff than pretend play.


Getting her involved in the kitchen helps her to learn the process of how a meal is being prepared and cooked. She can also learn about different type of fruits and vegetables and healthy food choices.

Recently, we tried air-frying using Philip Airfryer Advance XL. My little enthusiastic chef helped me to put all the ingredients into the airfryer. Cooking with Airfryer is almost effortless – just put in the ingredients to be air-fried, adjust the settings and then let them be cooked.


The settings of the airfryer – temperature and timing – can be adjusted easily. I set the temperature lower at 150 degree celsius, just in case I burnt my dinner and it took me about 14 minutes to cook them.The result was impressive – our air-fried pumpkin, onion and potatoes tasted good with the inside soft and succulent.

“Is it easy to wash?” was the next question I had when I finished air frying. I only need to wash two pieces of trays, isn’t that a relief.

My little chef and I will try to bake with Philip Airfryer next time. Learning how to cook starts young. Stay tuned.


Disclaimer: Philip Airfryer Advance XL is sent to me for product review. No monetary compensation is received. 

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