I woke up early on the first day of 2014, took out my past year diary and browsed through the posts I wrote in my 2013 personal diary. It brought back precious memories of Dot’s first few days in her kindergarten, some amusing conversation we had, my personal thoughts, some useful and wise quotes I read from books, my prayers and so on.

The time spent remembering and reflecting on what I had done and not done, reminds me that my life is not just to check off my to-do-list but to leave behind memories that really matters, for myself and also for my family.

Though I regretted not writing down all my thoughts that so easily slipped away and forgotten, I’m glad I wrote down some meaningful thoughts that will be left behind for many years, provided I safekeep all my diaries.

With so many distraction in life, it’s so easy to disregard the importance of setting aside personal time to be quiet before the Lord, to reflect and to pen down my thoughts and reflection. It takes me a lot of effort to be still amidst the buzzing and jigging of outside distraction.

For my past years, I always made a list of goals for that particular year. But this year, I have no list but ONE thing I hope to do well in 2014. It’s to set aside regular QUIET time to reflect, write and pray for what really matters.

What is that one thing you would like to do well in 2014?