A few months back, we brought the children outdoor after the rain. Jay caught some earthworms that he would like to grow in his own pot but sadly, most of them died.

One day, J was beaming with joy when he saw earthworms growing in another pot without much effort on his part. He quickly asked me to take pictures of his precious earthworms. We have been “feeding” our soil with the leftover greens from juicing, probably that’s why we see earthworms in our soil.

So far, we have tried growing wheatgrass, basil, rosemary, spinach, ginger, and our recent additions – nai bai cai and bok choy. Jay bought a few packs of vegetable seeds from our Cameron highlands trip.

Every homegrown stalk and leaf of nai bai cai and bok choy are so precious. It takes us almost a month of waiting before we start to harvest them for food.

Despite the long waiting time, we are so proud when we can just pick and eat our fresh vegetables from our mini garden, and they are pesticide-free. I love the fresh and crisp leaves. I can even eat them raw.

Jay brought the whole pot to the living room for Dot to harvest. He also shared with her about pesticide-free vegetables.

Jay noticed that our greens had many holes and he suspected that the grasshoppers had been having a great feast. Later, he found the real culprits.

Jay took the caterpillars and put them in the container, where we used to grow caterpillar into butterfly, hoping to witness the transformation of the caterpillars into butterflies again .

Dot brought her caterpillars out to show her friends. However a few days later, the caterpillars died.

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