We have a new pet hamster. His name is called Max.

Last Friday, Dot’s aunt bought her to a pet shop and we came out with a hamster in a cage properly setup in the shop. Dot was the happiest customer that day.

During the first two days, Dot could spend hours just watching and playing with Max. We had to restrain her from stressing Max out.

Dot was very excited during Max’s the first night at his new home. Even though she was running a slight fever that night, she slipped out of her bed in the middle of the night to take a look at him after I gave her a dose of paracetamol.

Usborne Pet Guides – Looking after Hamsters is really helpful to new pet owners like us. It covers topics ranging from the hamster types, what to feed our hamster to keep it healthy and even taming our hamster. I also use this book to share with Dot how we can care for Max better.

We limit each playtime Dot has with Max to only 10 to 15 minutes so that he will not be too exhausted. She can play with Max outside his cage up to three times a day.

I have the idea to create a “playground” for Max using toilet rolls from this book too.


Max & Mo books are currently Dot’s favourite reads. It just makes it more personal to her to have one of the hamsters named Max.

Our next fun project will probably to dress-up Max like what the owner did to her hamster in this fun post.