When Dot was younger, many people mistaken her as a boy. Now that she is about three and a half years old, my active little girl has grown and shown more of her feminine side.

My favourite colour is pink.” Pink is her hot favourite – pink dress, pink shoes, pink bag.

Mommy, help me to tie a pony tail.” She does not allow me to cut her hair short and her hair is now long enough for pony tail and braided hairstyles.

Mommy, can you buy something for me to apply on my lips?” Once, she even asked me to buy her a lipstick so that she could apply on her lips. I was caught by surprise by her remark.

Dot follows me to fashion boutiques on a few occasions and sometimes she will give me her comments whether the outfits look good on me.

The first things that attracted her when she was inside Pumpkin Patch.

We went to Pumpkin Patch at JEM during one of the weekdays. The first things that caught her attention were the toys on a children table, which was just in front of the cashier counter. Without hesitation, she ran towards them and started playing on her own.

The #1 attraction for her, the play corner.

I left her there playing while I browsed through the colourful and neat arrays of children outfits catergorized by gender and age.

When Dot had enough of her playing, she was ready to try a few outfits at the bright and clean changing room.

She tried a red dress that she likes very much. She even twirled and danced in the changing room. She refused to take off the dress and went out of the outlet and stood outside. I had to tell her that I would get her this new dress before she took it off. After I got her this dress, she wanted to put it on before we left the boutique. The staff was so kind to make a little balloon dog for her. Dot was the happiest customer that day!


She is twirling and dance to the music in her favourite dress.

She will grow up a lady with her own set of values. I hope she will know that beauty is more than skin-deep.

The dress from Pumpkin Patch and a doggie balloon made by one of the staff at Pumpkin Patch JEM.

Disclaimer: This is part 1 of the 5 series of posts on “Children’s Fashion“. Outfits are sponsored by Pumpkin Patch Singapore.