It was a special occasion that a little girl crossed path with a female fox. It took her many weeks to take one step at a time to build bridges to reach out to this wild animal. Many days and weeks were spent observing this wild creature and earning her trust. The little girl’s patience and love finally won over the trust of the wild fox.

When trust is won, the little girl entered the wild fox’s world. They had a magical and beautiful journey spent together in the wild. However, the trust is broken when the girl wanted the relationship her way.

This film makes me ponder about our interaction and relationship with the animals and nature.

Are we proper friends?

It was like a storm in my mind.

I didn’t know what to do.

Should I go to her and explain.

Or go home and wait?

But I realized my fox didn’t need words to understand me.

I felt she had taught me something important.

She trusted me completely.

Perhaps that’s why foxes run away from us.

They’ve known for a long time we aren’t proper friends.

I’d realized that I couldn’t keep her by tying her down.

I confused love and possession.

But your fox she love you too.

You think so?

You think foxes know what love is?

Windy Whistle, httpv://