Dot’s dad came up with the idea of going for a night exploration around our neighbourhood, which he called it “night adventure”. We usually do this together with Dot after our dinner. A torch is what we need to help us look out for the¬†nocturnal insects that come out at night so as to avoid birds and other predators.

It has been some time since we last went for our night adventure, and Dot was really excited when we went out last night. We missed the Mega Bugs at Science Centre so this is our own version of creepy crawlies night adventure.

We went to the community garden and nearby, we found these…..

Dot took a leaf and tried to feed the snail.

Can you spot the eggplant beside Dot?

Though J is bespectacled, he has sharp eyes for insects that hardly move.

This dainty little flower caught Dot’s eyes.

A slug is spotted munching away.

Dot is playing with the shadows.

A lovely winged insect that we often see but we don’t know its name.

After our adventure, Dot had some fun at the playground before we went home to wash up and rest.