Dot’s first letter from a friend

I have been reading books to Dot about postman, children writing their own personal letters and cards to their friends and receiving letters from their friends in return.

One night, I remembered my collection of stamps that I have been keeping since my school days. I went to my storeroom and digged out my big stamp album. The next day, I showed my proud collection of stamps to Dot and explained to her briefly about stamps and their travel tales.

I thought it would be fun and exciting for Dot to have a real life experience writing a letter, or for her doodling, and mailing it out to a real friend. A friend of mine was keen to do likewise. So excited that Dot could send and receive a personal letter.

I asked Dot whether she would like to draw something for her friend and she readily agreed. She drew her friend’s face, cut out his face and glued the cut-out on an ice-cream stick. I guided her to write her friend’s name and she managed to write three alphabets out of four, which I thought was quite good.

Next we did another craft that she initiated. She recalled doing this activity when we was younger. I placed a piece of paper that will fit the inside of the box cover, dropped a few colored paints and let Dot rolled the ball with the confine of the box cover. The result was a beautiful piece of artwork.

We sent these two pieces of work done mainly by Dot for her friend. I walked through with her the nitty gritty process of preparing and mailing a letter. After the address and stamp were written and pasted, I brought her to a postal mailbox to drop her letter.

A few days after mailing her letter, she finally received her own personal letter in our mailbox. So delighted was my little girl to be able to open her own personal letter.

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