At three and a half years old, Dot grows more sensitive and exhibits strong feelings as she interacts with us, her friends and her environment.

Recently, she likes to watch the video of her climbing the stairs at the sport complex when she was about 17-18 month old. She watched it several times and a few weeks ago, she asked her dad why was the background music so sad and suddenly she broke down and cried. The next day, when we talked about this video again, she broke down and cried again. I was puzzled by her intense response to this piece of music.

Sometimes when strangers smile at Dot’s cute antics in public, she will immediately stop her act, frown and make an angry face at them. Once we even had her apologized to a lady for her bad behaviour. When we asked her why she behaved badly, she said that other people were laughing at her. We would then have to explain to her that was not the case and help her deal with her emotion.

As she grows more sensitive to her own needs and feelings, she is also growing more sensitive to the feelings of others. I was pleasantly surprised to see her showing extra care and concern for children younger than her in a few occasions.

I need a lot of patience to learn and understand how she is really feeling inside by being more observant and sensitive to her.

Book about Feelings

“Today I am” is a book about feelings, good book to start talking with young children about feelings.

My initial reaction when I saw this beautiful hardbound book was “Wah! Only one word and an illustration on an open page.” But Dot urges me to read her this book time and time again. She really enjoys this simple book. As we read together, she learns about the meaning of these “feeling” words and we observe and talk about the beautiful illustration in this book.

I wrote down all the 20 “feeling” words on our whiteboard. After reading Today I am, I will ask her how she is feeling today. It helps me to understand her inner world through the simple words that roll off her lips. As we explore the meaning of each word, we also talk about how to deal with some of the feelings.

About Today I am

Today I am has garnered a number of accolades including a nomination from the prestigious German Children’s Literature Award, Deutscher Jugendbuchpreis 2013. Since its Dutch release in June 2011, the book has been translated into German, French, Italian and Basque.

Fish Book Co is officially launching “Today I am..” from 27-29 September 2013 at the Suntec Convention Centre. To be updated on Fish Book Co news and events, simply “like” Fish Book Co Facebook.

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Disclaimer: I received Today I am for product review. No monetary compensation is given.

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