We realize that while Dot can easily converse and name the shapes in English, she has problem naming them in Chinese as we read very few Chinese books to her. Even most of our daily conversation is in English. After our China trip, we have been very intentional in reading Chinese books and speaking Mandarin with her.

Recently, Dot and I are reading a Chinese children book about a rabbit who just moved to her new house. She wanted to decorate her rooms and began by cutting shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle and pasting these shapes into objects like sun and trees.

I’m inspired to do this shape activity with Dot after reading the Chinese children book. We can form different objects by using different shapes. There is no limit to what we can create from these shapes.

I helped Dot to cut the shapes except for circle. I drew the outline of circle and she cut it herself. Then she pasted all the shapes herself, with me helping her with the glue.

This is what Dot created after pasting all the shapes and form stickers. Isn’t it beautiful?