“I must keep the BIG CARDBOARD!” was the first thought that came to mind when I was told that my parents were getting a new refrigerator.

After the cardboard dreams that we had in last October, this simple cardboard is not so ordinary after all. Just a search online can lead me to so many creative works created by children and adults. For more cardboard inspiration, you can also check out Justina‘s and Sarah‘s blogs.

I just couldn’t wait to have my hand on the big cardboard. Next time if you see cardboard, keep it and give it a new lease of life!

The best kind of toys are those which occur naturally in the outside world, or which can easily be made by hand. – Freya Jaffke

These are some of our recent cardboard crafts:

Cardboard House cum Restaurant

My initial plan was to create a cardboard Christmas tree, in the end it becomes a playhouse for the children.

During the school holidays, the 8-year old Joey dropped by during weekday to play with Dot after lunch.

Rather than having all the toys all spewed all over the floor, I thought the big cardboard is a great play to keep the children entertained.

I helped them set up their house and asked them whether they wanted to have a window. A resounding “yes” came out of their lips. As I cut the cardboard, Joey said that she did not want to cut out the whole piece so I left their window as it is.

Little did I realized that the window became a spot where the “food business” transactions happened.

Business operation…

Food is being served.

A restaurant now.

Dressed-up and time to take a rest in their house.

They also doodled the inside of the cardboard.

Imagination and companionship keep the children at play for hours!

Animal Cardboards and Shadows

The remake of Bali Agung using cardboard and paper

“Papa, I want to watch Agung show.”

Dot misses the Bali Agung theatrical performance we watched at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Papa J started to draw on the cardboard, cut out the pieces and attached them to the straws. I was clueless what he was up to and when I realized what is happening, I was amazed at his ingenuity.

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