Bees, honey and the hive

Dot has been coughing for a few days and I am searching for some natural remedies to help prevent cough. As I search online, I am thrilled to know that honey can help with cough and has many other health benefits.

Honey might be good to boost Dot’s immunity since she just started her pre-nursery.

There are so many types of honey in the market, how to choose what is right for my family? My questions are answered when I found this website – Benefits of Honey – which was started by a mom in Singapore. There are many information about honey and eventually I am persuaded to buy raw honey to try.

What do you give your child to boost his or her immunity?

Since my family has been drinking honey for the past few days, J shared with Dot where honey comes from by making these beautiful bees and hive with her.

Dot and her daddy made this bees and hive together.

J drew the parts of the bees and cut out each piece. Dot and J colored the bees, glued them together and Dot drew the eyes and mouths of the bees (do they look a bit sad?). Finally the bees are attached onto a stick each.

J took a piece of brown perforated paper, folded and hung it on a plant in our living room. And our bees have their hive.

He also showed Dot a few videos about the bees, honey and the hive.

What a bee-sy day!

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