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I’m Dee, a mom of a toddler girl, Dot. I also work for a small design agency.

It has been an exciting and enriching journey being a mother. Though there are days of frustration, I still count my blessings and give thanks for the days that I could help shape her formative years.

Every day, I will try to make time to read, bring Dot outdoor, connect with other families and children.

In my spare time, I will blog at http://www.prunenurture.com where I write about my journey as a parent, our love for nature, outdoor and anything under the sun.

Apart from being a mom, I love outdoor activities and travel. One of the few challenging activities I participated before I had my daughter – 22km half marathon run and a pitch dark night dive underwater to complete my advanced diver course.

The best thing moms can do when raising up our children is to build a strong marriage.


During my first year as mom, I struggled in my new role and it was also one of the most challenging and stressful period of our lives as a married couple. Indeed, parenthood changes everything – emotional, psychological and lifestyle.

As we decided to care for our daughter ourselves, we find ourselves focussing a lot of our time and attention on our newborn at the expense of our couple time and even personal time.

When reality sets in, it isn’t always easy to give willingly of ourselves for someone else. Our nature tempts us to look after ourselves, to assert our own rights and to seek our own needs.

Sometimes tension between us arose due to lack of rest and communication. Even our conversation mainly revolved around our daughter.

At such tender age, Dot can sense the tension between her parents, even though we did not quarrel in front of her. There was one occasion Dot even tried to be our peacemaker by urging us to hold hands.

I’m thankful that we realized the importance of building a strong marriage along the way and make effort to rebuild what was lost.

And God has been molding me to be a better wife since the day I said “I do” – still a work-in-progress.

Benefits of a strong marriage

Marriage is the foundational building block of all social structure on earth. When our marriages are strong, our nation is strong and social problems are few.

Children who are raised by parents in a strong marriage are more secured with healthy self-esteem, loved and learn how to work through and resolve conflicts.

I firmly believe that happy parents raise happy children!


As we learn to bring up my dear little girl, I need to be reminded that my primary role in a family is also to continue to grow in love and character as a wife.

What I Love – my beloved family

What I Hope

I hope we will be able to bring up Dot, a joyful and passionate woman with deep conviction and purpose in life.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

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