The recent Friday morning was Dot’s first day of work in the community garden using the gardening toolbox that she won from a photo contest organized by NPark.

She rode her bicycle and her gardening tools to the community garden which is only five-minute from our block.

Daddy gave her a short briefing on what to do and Dot was on her own with her gardening tools.

Dot loosened the compact soil using her digging fork before she scooped it into her mini flower pot.

Then she harvested some seeds from a matured spinach plant in the garden and sprinkled them onto the soil in her pot.

Dot’s fun gardening time in the morning, hopefully will help her to appreciate nature and that her responsibility as a nurturing gardener has just begun.

“Gardening gives children a chance to learn about nature and their environment, one that is often overlooked by academic focused parents and standard school curriculum. Through gardening, children can also learn about the life-cycle of vegetables they eat every day.”

Here are some tips for gardening with children:

Go with them. Bring your children to garden and farms and teach them about the different kinds of plants and flowers. This is a great way to raise their awareness by exploring the workings of nature.

Gardening tool which Dot won in a contest.

Give them tools. Give your children some gardening tools, like flower pot, digging fork, or spade. If you have older children, you can consider giving serious gardening tools that are not so easily broken.

Guide but don’t restrict them. Teach and help them to understand the entire process of their activity. Children learn better if they are free to explore and learn by doing. Never mind if they are soiled.

Encourage their effort. Praise them and share their work with their friends and grandparents no matter how modest. The encouragement given to their work motivates them to stay involved in a project.

Let them own it. Involve them throughout the entire process. Be sure they continue to water and take care of the plants. A child develops responsibility from caring for something over time and observing the cycle of life first hand.

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