Cotton wool that I bought more than two years ago finally found its special spot on Dot’s drawing papers.

We had two days of fun creating stuff out of cotton wool. It is amazing how simple materials at home can be transformed into beautiful pieces of artwork.

Materials we use for our crafts:
– cotton wool
– crepe paper
– googly eyes
– glue
– drawing paper
– scissors
– dried branches that Dot picked
– crayons

We did not plan to do this piece of craft work in the morning. It just happened that I remembered that we still have some cotton wool in our room and I thought why not we create some fluffy clouds on paper.

When I asked Dot whether she wanted to paste cotton clouds on the paper, she was so excited.

She started drawing rainbow in the sky then I asked her where she wanted to have her clouds and dotted a few spots on the paper for her to paste the cotton. Then I took out some crepe colored papers I bought a few month back from her craft drawer and cut them into smaller pieces.

The dried branches that Dot picked when we were outdoor became the tree trunk and Dot “drizzled” all the small green pieces of crepe paper on the glued area near branch.

The final artwork is lovely, at least to me. Simple craft but yet so satisfying.

Other than fluffy clouds, what else did we make with our cotton wool the next day?

A fluffy snowman

A happy white furry rabbit

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. – Pablo Picasso

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