Lovina is a quiet coastal town in the north Bali. It is not as busy as South Bali and we like the peace and quietness here. In this trip to Bali, we also learnt more about the Balinese culture and had a glimpse into the simple lives of the locals.

Day 1:

When we arrived at Denpasar airport, which is also called Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, the private transport that we arranged with Hotel Melamun were already there waiting for us.

Shortly we hopped onto the car and were on our way up north to towards Lovina. Along the way, we wanted to stop by Jatiluwih rice terrace. We saw many padi fields and rice terraces and we were already wowed by some of them.

Jati means real and Luwih means good, special or beautiful.  Jatiluwih is indeed a place of real beauty.

We were already wowed by the rice terraces we saw along the way to Jatiluwih.

After paying at entrance fee of RP 15,000 per adult, we entered the UNESCO heritage site, Jatiluwih rice terrace. We were welcomed by the breathtaking view of verdant, rice terraces which are irrigated using an impressive communal water system developed by the Balinese farmers. These terraces are non compared to those that we saw along the way. The long winding road of about two hours up there was definitely worthwhile though at times I did feel like throwing up.

Jatiluwih: Closer look of the rows of rice seedlings

Jatiluwih: Beautiful verdant rice terraces

We had a glimpse of the Ulun Danu Temple complex at Lake Bratan, Bedugul, skipped Git Git waterfall and travelled further north to Lovina as the sky was gradually turning dark. When we reached Hotel Melanum, it was already dark at about 7pm.

A long day and thank God Dot slept almost throughout journey up north.

Day 2:

Our next day was free and easy. After breakfast, we walked along the road towards the beach. We passed by some cafes, the locals’ houses and we saw several cocks each inside a basket which we later learnt that they are for cock fighting.

Dot was looking at the cocks in the baskets.

It is a common sight to see these cocks in these rattan baskets.

My first time seeing the almost black volcanic sand beach where Dot played there for a while with her two plastic cups. Later, her dad (Jay) saw and caught a little crab for Dot to observe up close.

After that we went back to our hotel to wash-up and left for Kalibukuk, also known as “Lovina town centre” for lunch. We ate at a restaurant recommended by one of the hotel staff. We ordered Indonesian food and two desserts – chocolate cake and apple pie. The main dishes were good but the desserts were a great disappointment. Before Jay paid the bill, he told them that the desserts were really bad which we only had a few bites and we had RP 3,000 discount from our total bill.

Dot had a dip in the pool before her afternoon nap.

We also learnt a bit more about the Balinese culture from the owner and the Balinese staff of the hotel through their sharing.

There is a mini zoo round the corner from our hotel. We saw owls, porcupine, horses, deers…Just a few steps away, we saw how some of the local Balinese live in very small houses or rooms.

Day 3:

We departed for Lovina beach at 5.50am which is a short drive from our hotel. It was lovely to catch the moon and stars still hanging on the sky, and the sunrise thereafter.

The highlight of the day was dolphin watching. It was simply thrilling to see schools of dolphins swimming near the surface and even leaping out of the water. But with so many boats chasing after the dolphins when they are spotted from a distance, I felt a tinge of sadness.

As the dolphin watching activity almost ended, the boat moved to very calm water and stopped at a spot suitable for snorkeling. There we could see beautiful and colourful fishes, sea stars and corals.

“Do you have any bread?”, the guide asked.

“Yes we have some left-over bread,” I replied.

To attract the fishes, the guide told us to throw bits of our bread into the water. Within seconds, beautiful and colourful fishes appeared and started to gobble up the pieces of bread.

Dot had her chance to feed the fish and she was simply excited!

When we were having breakfast after the dolphin watching, we spotted two ladies sitting just next to our table and they definitely sounded familiar. After chatting with them, we confirmed that they are our fellow Singaporeans. So glad to meet our people in distant land and we started sharing our travel experience and tips.

Preparing to depart for our next destination – Kintamani.

Review of Hotel Melamun:


Friendly and warm service : The owner of the hotel will talk to her customers personally. She even gave Dot a container full of animal figurines to play with and Dot was very happy playing with them.

Superior room : A simple, no-fuss and clean room. I did not sleep well on the bed as it kept making creaky sound every time we turned our bodies. One of nights, an animal was moving and scratching on our roof, making so much noise that I could hardly sleep. Though the room is air-conditioned, Dot was bitten by mosquitoes while we were sleeping.

Food: The food is generally salty and sweet for our taste.

Special request: On the second day, Dot requested for porridge and as porridge is not available in the menu, we requested the hotel kitchen to cook specially for her and they willingly cooked a bowl of delicious porridge that made Dot asked for more.

Ambience: I love the cosy and verdant garden and pool.

Laundry: It only costed us  RP 30,000 to wash 16 pieces of clothes.

WiFi: WiFi is available in the public areas and in our room.

Our overall rating : 3.5 /5

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