On 3 September 2012 morning, Dot and I travelled all the way to Changi airport to attend an hour of story play party organized by Sarah, The Playful Parents. It was our first story play party, no sure what to expect, and I was excited!


Interactive activities inspired by nature

Sarah kicked off the party by sharing with us about the art sculptures, Flora Inspiration by Han Sai Por, at T3. She then encouraged the children to touch and feel the sculptures and asked them how was their experience touching them. The more outspoken children answered her enthusiastically.

She then showed the children images of fruits with seeds and shared a beautiful story, “The Empty Pot“.

Then we moved on to Daisy, the gigantic moving flower in front of the check-in counters. It is an interactive art piece that is supposed to sense human traffic.


Fun story told using origami

We took the skytrain to T1 in hope to see the famous kinetic rain but alas they were not working when we were there. So disappointing.

Sarah did the last activity by telling a story by using origami – so engaging and refreshing.

Here is a little clip that I captured that day.


What I like about this story play

I love the way she tells story – so natural, animated and interactive. To be able to command the attention of more than10 children for one hour was not easy task especially in an outdoor setting. A lot of effort was put in to make this story play a fun and interactive one for the children and it was definitely a job well done.


To find out more about her first story play party, visit Sarah’s blog.