Recently Dot likes to play jigsaw puzzles and she is able to identify the right piece at the right place. However, she sometimes has difficulties fitting the pieces together and this frustrates her.

Seeing her frustration, I will sit by her side encouraging her to finish her puzzles, asking her questions where the pieces should go and praising her every time she completes a set. When she completes a set on her own, the joy and pride are all written over her face. Then she wants to try another set again.

Even as I write this post, the strawberry puzzle she completed reminds me of  the Strawberry generation – the younger generation that cannot withstand social pressure, hardwork, insubordinate, spoiled, selfish, arrogant and sluggish in work. 

Though I like to eat strawberries, I don’t want a “strawberry child”.

Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4

It is important to encourage our children to persevere even though the tasks can be challenging at times. We can also help them to achieve little successes by making adjustment if the task or activity is really difficult or not age-appropriate. Most importantly, we have to learn or persevere to be the right model for our children.

Encouragement is important in early years of childhood, praising our child for the smallest victory goes a long way to help them overcome bigger challenge they will meet in life.

How are we, as parents, helping our children learn to deal appropriately with their frustration and difficulties? Love to hear your thoughts.