1.Before baking 2. Our freshly baked apple pie

Jay told me that Shannon, our niece has been paying $50 to learn baking for one hour. At the end of the day, she got the cake home, a certificate of particiaption but no recipe to bring home to practice baking the cake again!

After discussing with Jay, we think that it is not worth continuing such expensive baking classes that do not even provide recipes and told Shannon’s mom that we will open our house for Shannon to bake.

Inspired by “How to make an Apple Pie and See the World“, we decided to make our first home-made apple pie from scratch with the pie crust without shortening and apple fillings.

Shannon and I slightly modified the recipes/instruction to our needs. For the pie crust, we decided to replace the vegetable oil with butter. As our pan is too big for the amount of crust we made, we decided to split them into small portions as such the baking time was reduced to about 20-30minutes. I was apprehensive about the outcome.

To our delight, our apple pies tasted good. Dot had her first taste of fresh baked apple pie topped with ice-cream. My in-laws tasted our apple pies. Jay gave us thumbs-up. Shannon’s mom even commented, “This apple pie tastes better than McDonald’s.”

Tired. Yet satisfied.