Dot talked with the elderly whom she always meets at the ground level about her pink glasses.

I’m thankful that I have the privilege of seeing Dot grows day by day since birth. Now at 2-year 7 month old, she can manage simple conversations with me and people around her. And many times I am amazed at her growth and “maturity”, yet amused by the way she thinks and what she deems important to her at that point in time.

Dot’s little conversations today,


Little conversation #1:

Dot is having running nose and cough so I told her beforehand that she cannot eat ice-cream.

Dot’s aunt was eating ice-cream and she asked Dot, “Do you want to have some ice-cream?”

Dot replied, “No. Cannot eat. Wait mommy scold.”

I gave Dot thumbs-up for her apt reply.


Little conversation #2:

I was reading her story about Adam and Eve from her Toddler Bible.

I asked her, “God created a man, Adam, and a woman, Eve. Papa is a man and mommy is a women. Is Dot a man or a woman?”

Dot replied,”I don’t know. I’m a baby.”


Little conversation #3:

Our daily night prayer for Dot.

I asked her, “Dot, can mommy pray for you?”

Dot nodded her head and I prayed for God to heal her running nose and cough, and a good night rest.

Dot replied, “Mommy, pray that I can eat ice-cream.”

I prayed, “God, I pray that Dot is well so that she can eat ice-cream.”

Satisfied, She laid down on her bed.