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Infants and toddlers spend the majority of their time on the floor. As such, it is very important that we keep our floor clean for our loved ones.

Floor cleaning, a laborious and noisy task that can take up to 2 hours for us – vacuum cleaning, mopping and frequent rinsing of the dirty mop.

My mom then introduced to us a quick way to keep our floor reasonably clean with just half the time required by just using a mop with micro-fibre fabric that will trap dust and hair when it is damp. No more vacuum cleaning. However, we still need to rinse the fabric frequently to remove all the dirt after mopping each room.

After mopping our floor, the surface becomes very slippery and there were a few occasions where my active toddler slipped and fell.

A few months ago, a friend recommended me Magiclean wiper mop after I shared about my struggle with keeping our house spick and span.


First Impression

Now there is a new improved Magiclean wiper mop with dual cleaning capability that can do WET and DRY cleaning. It is my first time trying Magiclean Wiper mop!

The package comes with 5-component parts (which allows me to assemble the pole to suit any height), 2 wet sheets and 2 dry sheets. It took me less than two minutes to figure out how to install the wiper mop. There is a video on assembling the pipes on Magiclean website.

My sister then show me the steps to attach the sheet to the mop.

After installing, the mop is light and easy to handle. Even my little girl wants to try out the Magiclean wiper mop. It is so easy to take out one section to make the mop shorter suitable for her height. Now I have a little helper who is more than happy to help out with household chores. Or is it fun play for her?


Five facts about the new, improved Magiclean Wiper

FACT #1: Dual Cleaning Capability

Wipe or Mop? It’s your pick with our choice of Wet or Dry sheets. Magiclean Wiper mop acts as both a mop and broom to efficiently clean up your house with minimal effort!

FACT #2: 360°Wiper Head Rotation

Swivel the Wiper mop around chair legs or objects and enjoy cleaning with absolute ease!

FACT #3: Innovative Curved Cushion Head

Improved with a slight curve and a unique circular pattern, Magiclean Wiper mop boasts an unparalleled ability to trap dirt, dust and hair!

FACT #4: Ultra Slim Head

With a Wiper head that is only 2.8cm thick, you can now reach into previously untouched narrow spaces to get rid of all the trapped dust!


Review after using Magiclean wiper mop

(Rating scale is from * Very poor to ***** Excellent)

  • Good for cleaning hard to reach places ****. What I like best about Magiclean wiper mop is that the ultra slim head and 360° wiper head rotation can reach into narrow spaces where dust is trapped for many months and even years. I got a shock when I saw the amount of dust when I cleaned the narrow spaces under the cabinets. None of my mops can reach these narrow spaces but Magiclean wiper mop!

  • Time saving ****. Now it only takes me about 5-10mins to clean our living room as I do not need to vacuum and rinse the mop.
  • Effectiveness in picking up hair & dust ****. It is amazing how much dust and hair the wipe sheet – dry and wet – can trap. The wet wipe does not leave our tile flooring wet and slippery.
  • Easy to use ****. It is light and easy to use. Even my toddler can handle the Magiclean wiper mop.
  • Versatile ****. The length of the mop is adjustable and it can be adjusted to suitable height for use.
  • Not for stubborn stain **. Dot did her hand painting on the floor and after the paint dried, we tried using the wet sheet to clean. However, it is not effective in cleaning stubborn stain.

Magiclean wiper mop is a good floor cleaning tool to keep the floor free from dust and hair. It is especially useful for busy families with little children. It has definitely changed the way I clean. No more hassle of using a broom and vacuum cleaner. Now we can do quick wipe in less than 30 minutes for all our rooms.

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