I saw the stacks of empty egg cartons in the kitchen and thought why not let Dot paint one of them. She painted her new artwork and ended off with her favourite hand printing on the newspaper.

We kept her finished artwork for a couple of days and then an idea came, “Why not create a caterpillar out of this!”

Then one Sunday afternoon, we went to Art Friend at Bras Basah to buy some art materials.

We pasted the eyes on one end of the egg carton, cut one of the coloured strips and insert them onto the egg carton. And here, we have our own home-made caterpillar!

Happily, Dot took her little rabbits and squirrel and placed them on the caterpillar and exclaimed, “Caterpillar train!”

See how a simple egg carton is transformed into a child’s toy. It excites me that a lot of creative crafts can be made from egg cartons!

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