Toys and books were all over the house! Such a mess!

New member in our family means more storage space to keep her stuff which accumulates as she grows. Though at only one year old then, she has already quite a handful of toys (mainly gifts and hand-me-down) and children books from friends and I.

I was reading about creating space for children and I was prompted to think of how to create and organize space for my toddler at home – a dedicated play and activity area where she can call her own.

Dot’s books can be found all over the house as we did not have a permanent place to keep the books. Early 2011, daddy bought a child-size 3-tier cupboard at the Turf City at only $25. He painstakingly with blisters on his fingers installed this cupboard together. Dot was then at the side watching how little pieces of wooden planks and nails are installed together to become a beautiful and colourful child-size cupboard. She was so happy and excited that she can keep and find her books there. That’s a father’s love for his little girl!

At that time, we kept Dot’s toys in paper boxes. She would take all her toys out and sit in the box. Each time she played with her toys or the boxes, the boxes would get torn or out of shape until it was time to change the boxes again.

We went to IKEA and found a suitable storage space that is about the right size for our living room and just right for Dot’s size to access to her things.

Daddy assembled the parts together and we transferred her toys, colouring materials, little musical instruments into the assigned trays.

With this storage space, Dot learns to keep her toys and books in their rightful place – training her to keep her things neat and tidy on her own. She knows where she can find her stuff when she wants to play or use them.

The square coffee table that we bought during our renovation, is too small for our living room becomes her activity table and where her little fish tank sits. There she scribbles, draws and feeds her little fish.

The dedicated child-size space helps her to learn and focus better.

Would love to hear and learn how you organize space for your child and share tips on what we can look out for.