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Disposable diapers remain a popular choice for many new parents – the convenience and ease of use make it almost impossible to leave without. But how to choose a diaper brand that best suit our babies?

I recalled before I delivered Dot, I wanted to cloth-diaper Dot to save cost. However, as new mother then, I found it difficult to cloth diaper and eventually the convenience and ease of using disposable diapers bought me over. In the end, the cloth diapers we bought were used as swaddle when she was a new-born.

We tried different diaper brands on Dot and some of common problems we encounter include leaking at the legs, leaking up the back, and leaking from everywhere at once. Some brands even irritate Dot’s delicate skin caused by diaper rash.

Leakage means more laundry to wash, more money spent with more frequent diaper change and skin irritation means more crying and discomfort for the baby.

As the baby’s delicate skin is always exposed to heat and moisture in the diaper, we are very concerned about Dot’s bottom turning red from the irritation caused by diaper rash. The diaper tends to trap heat and moisture, and the baby’s pee may stick to his skin. This causes the baby’s skin surface to become wrinkled and get bruised easily. When this happens, the irritants in the baby’s pee or poo may cause skin inflammation, resulting in the dreaded “red bottom” syndrome.

As such, these are what we look for when purchasing baby diapers.

The disposable diapers must:

  • be breathable and not trap heat and moisture inside.
  • not cause skin irritation and redness.
  • have good absorbency and not leak during overnight wear.
  • fit comfortablely around the baby’s limbs.
  • most importantly value for money


Tape diapers also come in newborn/S size

Merries is NOW available in Singapore

Everybody knows that Kao is well-known for its beauty care products such as Biore from Kao, but Merries! We are not even aware that Kao also produces a line of baby diapers – Merries, which is currently the No.1 tape diaper brand in Japan*.

Special features of Tape Diaper and Walker Pants:

  • Super absorbent core to increase efficiency of absorption for longer usage
  • Skin-friendly airy soft gathers that fit snugly around the waist, increasing comfort

Walker pants come in M/L/XL size

  • Ultra soft and is always gentle to skin
  • Flexi-fit “w” shape that does not restrict the limb movements thus increasing comfort
  • Wetness Indicators on diaper available for reference

Kelly and I (Dee) had the opportunity to try using Merries disposable tape diapers and walker pants on our daughters, Hannah (9-month old girl) and Dot (26-month old girl).


First Impression

Kelly: The very day I took a piece of Merries tape diaper and walker pants each for Hannah to try on, I found that the pastel polka dots on both the diapers and walker pants are very pleasant to the eyes. Both the tape diaper and walker pants are much softer than the current diapers we are using for our kids. And I could not believe how incredibly lightweight they are. Its super absorbent core is thinner than our current diapers too. However, I wonder if they could really contain the urine and would not leak.

Tape diaper

Dee: I like the light-weight and soft diapers that do not restrict my active girl’s movement. As the diapers are shipped directly from Japan, the packaging is all in Japanese. It took me a while to figure out the front/back of the walker pants. My husband is hesitant to use Merries diaper on Dot at night as he is not sure whether the diaper can hold Dot’s urine.

Walker pants

Later we learn that the blue tape behind that walker pants is used to easily pack and throw the soiled pants.

To remove the pants, just tear both sides of the pants, roll, tape and throw away the soil pants.

Our Reviews after using Merries Diapers

Kelly: Hannah had been using both Merries tape diapers in the day time and Merries walker pants in the night for about a week now and we found that Merries are gentle to the skin and are super absorbent, leaving the skin dry at all times. They have a wetness indicator to alert us to change Hannah’s diapers and they definitely do not leak. For some days, Hannah wore her walker pants for 12 hours but they were still dry even when full. She did not experience any nappy rash when using Merries. What I liked the most about them were that the diapers did not become bulky and drape when full like the current diapers we were using. The gathers on the walker pants fitted Hannah comfortably, making her a happy baby all the time.

Ease of Use ****
Fit/Trim ****
Absorbency ****
Breathability ****
Comfort ****
Overall Value ****


Dee: I am impressed with the high quality of Merries diapers. The diapers are super absorbent and there is no leakage at all – our initial doubt on Merries’ absorbency is cleared. It is unbelievable that the diaper can still be soft after more than 12 hours of overnight wear. Dot’s buttock is dry and free of any jelly-like residue unlike the current diaper brand that she is using. Dot can use less of Merries diapers per day as each piece can hold wetness longer, which means it is more cost saving to use Merries.

Ease of Use ****
Fit/Trim ****
Absorbency ****
Breathability ****
Comfort ****
Overall Value ****

Our rating scale is from * Very poor to ***** Excellent.


Give Merries a try

Merries welcomes parents to try their diapers, go to and request for free samples.

Now there is also a chance to win six months’ worth of Merries baby diapers at “Merries Makes Your Baby & You smile” Lucky Draw.

Merries is now available at Carrefour, Cold Storage, Isetan Supermarket, Meidiya Singapore Supermarket, Mustafa, NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Sheng Siong Supermarket (selected outlets) and selected retailers.

Merries may be the diaper brand you have been looking for.

Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy!

*Merries is the best selling tape diaper brand in Japan as of August 2010 to November 2011. Sale volume share No.1 by brand in Japan tape market (except Okinawa).


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