It seems like of late little plant by the sidewalk and the orange sky are speaking to me. Let me explain.

One late morning, I just got off the bus with Dot and was on our way to my mom’s place. As I walked, this little plant by the sidewalk just seems to speak to me, asking me to take a look at her. I did and I even took out my iPhone to snap a few pictures. Seemingly insignificant and discreet, this little plant does look lovely in my eyes. I love the shape and colour of its leaves.

The little plant seems to tell me that sometimes in life we are so caught up with the big, conspicuous, urgent, popular things and we overlook the seemingly little and insignificant but yet important things in life.

Wow! This little plant can really make me reflect and think! It’s not insignificant after all.

One evening, my sis’ car was moving slowing along the expressway during peak hour. Dot was dozing off. I looked out of the window and saw the beautiful orange hue covering the sky. For a moment, I was mesmerized. I tried to snap some pictures in a moving car and only got one that was sharp enough. I’ve never realized how beautiful sunset can be – the orange sky gradually turns pinkish-purple and then dark – a colourful display of light that changes every day. So awesome is God’s creation!

Nature speaks. A not very observant person is learning to listen and pay attention to her surrounding. Maybe that’s why God says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

What has nature spoken to you lately?