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Hand washing is easy and fun – children learn better when they are enjoying themselves and having fun.

Dot, my little explorer loves to go outdoor to collect and pick the leaves and branches on the ground, observe the little creatures and animals – insects, dogs, cats and more – around her. She loves to climb around and her hands are always touching here and there. Unknowingly, the fun things she collect and touch also bring million of germs with them.

Hand washing is our first line of defence against the spread of infections and sickness thus it is important to teach Dot the habits of washing our hands before and after we eat, after using the toilet, coughing or sneezing onto the hands, after visiting the sick, after touching pets, after doing craft work and after being outdoor.

Recently, we started using Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash. I like it that it automatically senses our hands when we place them under the nozzle and dispenses the right amount. Most importantly, 99.9% of the germs and bacteria are killed by Dettol handwash.

Don’t underestimate the power of hand washing. Spend at least 20 seconds washing at the sink could save you trips to the clinic.

1. Place hand under nozzle | 2. Rub hands together | 3. Rinse with water | 4. Off the tap

Dot learns about hand washing by watching how we wash our hands. We will tell her step-by-step how to wash our hands. She will then mimic and follow the way we wash our hands – not as thorough but getting there bit by bit. We always share with her the importance of cleanliness and why we need to wash our hands so that we do not fall sick.

She loves to wash her hands because she can play with water and bubbles. To add to the fun of washing hands, we will also sing this song to the tune of “The wheel of the bus” – “This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands,wash our hands. This is the way we wash our hands all day long.”

The special edition of Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System comes with stickers of Flippy the Penguin or Hoofy the Zebra. Dot loves hands-on experience of playing with the stickers!

“Mommy, hands dirty. I want to wash my hands with Zebra.”

Now Dot always asks to clean her hands using Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System whenever her hands are dirty. She learns to place her hands just below the nozzle and the liquid soap just dispenses right onto her palm. The blinking LED and the sound of the hand wash dispensing liquid add to her thrill and excitement.

Dot loves the new special edition Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System featuring two cute cartoon character – Flippy the Penguin & Hoofy the Zebra. – adding a new fun to her hand washing!

You can get the special edition Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System that comes in two fragrances – Original and Green Tea & Ginger – at SGD9.90 each, available for a limited time only at the nearest premium supermarkets, hypermarkets, Guardians and Watsons.

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Dettol also has a simple and fun game on their Facebook – quite addictive too! “LIKE” Dettol’s Facebook Page and PLAY the Flippy and Hoofy’s Clean Quest from now till 12 April 2012 and stand to WIN attractive prizes!

Flippy the Penguin or Hoofy the Zebra will cross an enemy-filled landscape – earning points by surviving in the game as long as possible and avoiding contact with bacteria by jumping over them to keep the Filth Meter level down.

While I am playing the game, Dot keeps saying, “JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!…. Haha! Zebra flying!”

Each week, the Participant who scores the highest points of the week will be the Weekly Winner. The Participant who scores the highest points throughout the Contest Period will be the Grand Prize Winner.

Each registered Participant is only entitled to win ONE Contest Prize

How to Participate:
  1. “Like” Dettol Singapore Facebook Page
  2. Allow access to the Dettol – Flippy and Hoofy’s Clean Quest Facebook Application and fill in required personal information.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the contest.
  4. Start playing the game.
Enjoy your game! Remember to wash your hands after playing!


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