It is still possible to exercise together with a toddler

Our family of three jogging weekly. We hope that by including Dot in our weekly exercise, she will grow to love exercising and makes this part of her life as she grows up. There are many health benefits associated with physical exercise and do you know that exercise can also keep us young?

It’s still possible to exercise when we have a baby. Dot first joined us at the sports stadium near our place when she was about 5 month old. She would stay in her stroller as she could not walk yet. J and I would take turn to jog so that one of us could take care of her.

Here is a video we took when Dot was about 17 – 18 month old at the sports stadium climbing stairs and doing warming-exercise.


When Dot started to walk, we let her explore around at the stadium. There are so much to do at the stadium for our little active toddler – she climbs stairs, follows us or others do warming-up exercises, picks grasses and throws them in the drain, picks up little stuff on the floors, plays with the sand, plays and kicks the ball, runs around, chases after birds on the field…limitless. It’s up to her imagination.

2-year old: Her latest action @ the stadium!

Dot enjoys the outdoor play and gets to have more personal time with each parent. We get to burn the extra calories and keep fit too. Win-win!



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