We had a little home-made Science project one morning.

Our humidifier went kaput one day and it was left outside our room for a couple a days before I told J to throw it away. J decided to dismantle it and see whether his hands can breath life into the dead humidifier. Conclusion after working on it – a complicated case as some components were already burnt.

Looking at the dead humidifier, J decided to turn the repair work into a science project for Dot. Dot, still in her pyjamas, was assisting J with the screwdriver and stuff and watching how the LEDs from dead humidifier were turned into a mini torch with some wires and batteries.

That night, Dot was excited that her mini torchlight added a red and green glow in our bedroom.

Sometimes a seemingly useless item can be dismantled and re-created into something useful and fun.

Or when a toy, game or anything else is broken, check and see whether it can be repaired and turn it into a learning opportunity.

Have you tried to design, recycle or re-create something fun at home? Would love to hear your stories.