We were away over the weekend to attend Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 at Marriott Putrajaya.

We took a 4-hour (one way) coach to and fro Singapore and Putrajaya with one only stop in between. Dot was relatively good on the coach – not much crying and fussing. It made the journey easy for us and hopefully for the rest of the passengers.

When we arrived at Marriott Putrajaya, Dot was so excited by the beautiful Christmas decoration at the hotel lobby. She went wild running about and climbing up and down the chairs at the lobby.

It was our first time attending NAPBAS, the oscar-like award ceremony – an eye-opener for us.

I have not been wearing high heels for a long time – it was like walking on stilts. It took me quite a while to get used to walking on them. Thank God I did not trip or fall during the whole event.

During the award ceremony for the Best Parenting Blog category, Dot was so excited to see mommy and her pictures on the main screen. She pointed at the screen saying, “Mommy! Dorothy!” It put a smile on my face because she is the reason why I start Prune+Nurture.

Though Prune+Nurture did not win, we were happy to be able to meet brilliant bloggers at the event. I also met ย Christie who won the Best Parenting Blog and the mommies who were finalists.

Throughout the trip, Dot was the happiest – she swam and played water in a bathtub, played slide and swam in the swimming pool, tour around Kulau Lumpur, did funny faces at the full length mirror in our hotel room, got to know many friendly uncles and aunties.

A fun trip for us, as a family!

ย And not forgeting, thanks to Nuffnang and all who made this event possible.

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