Childhood, so pure and innocent, passes by so fast – such beautiful memories ought to be captured cos’ they are so precious!

I was flipping through my old childhood photo albums and they brought back beautiful childhood memories. I told Dot that I used to be a baby and toddler just like her. Pointing at the photos, I asked Dot, “Mei, where is mommy? Ah Yee (aunt)? Ah Gu (uncle)?”.  Then we were still babies, toddlers and children. After a while, she could recognize the younger version of her mommy, her aunt, her uncle and even her grandparents.

Recently my childhood playmate got in touch with me via Facebook. We lost touch with each other for more than 15 years. It warmed my heart to be able to get in touch with her again. She told me she still remembers that bottle of paper cranes I made for her. So touched!

I remembered life back then was so carefree and fun. We always got to play “zero-point”, hide and seek, hopscotch, “five stones” with our neighbours.  We visited our neighbours’ home often as well to play.

Christmas celebration at my neighbours' house

My parents and relatives brought us to many interesting places during our younger days – zoo, bird park, parks, playground, Haw Par Villa and many more.

My siblings and I visited our grandma often who stayed in a kampong.  We enjoyed running and chasing the dog, fishing, rearing chicks, climbing trees, catching ladybird – many fun things that kids nowadays rarely have chance to do.

This was our childhood playground

My dear siblings in our younger days

As much as we could remember, we would like to share with Dot our childhood memories and our lives. Just in case, she does not know that her mommy and daddy used to be young too!

I am thankful especially to my parents, grandma, relatives and childhood playmates who left such beautiful childhood memories for me. Thank you!