We went trekking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve recently and spent about 3 hours in this tropical rainforest which is home to many beautiful plants, animals and insects.

When we were on the trail up to the summit, we saw a haversack and a man kneeling down by the side and thought what had happened to him. Later then we realized that he was actually taking pictures of the fungi from some odd position.

We saw a huge army of ant-look-alike insects moving from one side of the trail to the opposite side. What a sight to behold!

On our way back to the visitor centre, this man was still there at the same spot checking out the images he had taken. We decided to join in the fun to get up-close and personal with the fungi. Seemingly insignificant and obscure in this vast rainforest, the fungi was then in the limelight.

We saw a look-like komodo dragon at Hindhede nature park and tried to get a photo shoot but we were too slow. When this lizard saw us, it quickly moved among the trees.

Each trip is a new experience!

Want to try new routes next time we go there.


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